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Please call or email for additional information or to reserve your fishing charter. Keep in mind that I spend my day out on the water, so if you get my voice mail please leave a message. I return all calls and email the same day.


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If anyone is interested in splitting a fishing charter with another person or persons over the course of the next month, let me know what dates you are interested in and how many hours you would like to fish and I'll see if I can get you squared away. Cost for the split charter is exactly half of the regular charter plus $25 for arranging the split. We have been catching quality kingfish just two miles off the beach for the last month and hopefully this will continue on into December.  With another cold front approaching in the next few days, it is probable that our large winter trout will be moving in as well.  There are likely still snapper on the near shore reefs so this would represent a third possibility. Best tide days that I have available during the next month are the following: December 19th thru December 26th....(Booked on the 21st).  If kingfish remain however, fishing for these speedy fish, as well as snapper, can be productive on average tides so the majority of days in December, with the right weather conditions, have good potential.  Let me know if you have an interest.

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