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Split Cost Charter - July 2013

Tampa Fishing Charter for SnookIf you have an interest in splitting the cost of a fishing charter with another angler or two in July, simply respond to this email. Please let me know the dates that you are available to go and for how many hours.  The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to set up the charter.The cost for these split charters for one person is $237, $287 and $337 for 4, 6 and 8 hours respectively.  If you would like to bring a second person on your side of the split, add $25 to these prices.  The maximum number of people on the boat on any split cost charter will be 4 total.

Most trips in the last few weeks have yielded combinations of snook and redfish, plus a large trout or two. A half dozen snook per trip has been average but double digit numbers have been reached on several trips.  Redfish, to the best of my knowledge, are not schooled up anywhere right now, but catching a limit of fish plus a few on days with stronger tides has been typical.  The larger seatrout are beginning to thin out.

Prime Snook fishing typically holds up until mid to late July, then starts to weaken as fish finish spawning and begin to disperse. I do have three or four good days left this month if you want to track down a snook.  Thanks

Seminar June 2013 - Inshore Knots

Tampa Fishing KnotsThis Thursday Evening, the 6th of June, at 6 PM at West Marine in Clearwater, Florida, I will be giving a seminar on how to tie some of the commonly used inshore knots.  It is critical to use knots that least impact overall line strength and also to use knots that are quick and easy so you spend more time fishing and less time knot tying. As always, West Marine will provide free pizza and drinks as well as some store give aways and a gift certificate.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Low Cost Fishing Charters

Tampa Fishing for Near Shore GrouperLet me start by apologizing for sending an extra email this month.  I know that many of you are constantly inundated by email so I try to send them only when they are of value to my customer base. The reason for this email is to identify individuals who would like to be contacted every time that I have another customer interested in sharing a charter. I had an email distribution list created for this purpose and, somehow, it has disappeared.  Beyond that, it probably needed to be updated anyway.  I will still send a split charter email occasionally to remind people of the availability of split charters but, if you would like to know every time that they are available , please respond to this email and I will make sure to get you on this special "Split Charter" email distribution list.This might mean that you would get an additional email or two a month, based on the current frequency of split charter requests. Thank you.

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