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Near Shore Reef Fishing - October 2012

Catching Big Kingfish in TampaThis Thursday evening, October 4th, @ 6PM at West Marine in Clearwater, I will be giving a seminar on Near Shore Reef Fishing. Fall is an exciting time of year to fish and barring strong winds, many near shore anglers can safely venture out several miles to take advantage of fishing opportunities for Spanish mackerel, bonita, kingfish, shark as well as the occasional barracuda.  Using 15 - 30 lbs spinning tackle can make for a great sporting experience. I'll be discussing the tackle and techniques used to catch these near shore predators.  West Marine will have free drinks and pizza and will, as always, give away some tackle and a store gift card.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Split Cost Charter - October 2012

0925stewbigredIf you have an interest in splitting the cost of a fishing charter with another angler in the coming month, please let me know.  I will do my best to pair you up.   Costs for a 4, 6 and 8 hour split cost charters are $237.50, $287.50 and $337.50 respectively.  Each side of the split can bring a total of two anglers.  Should you choose to bring someone with you, the charge for the extra person is $25.  It typically takes a week or two to arrange a split charter so please bear this in mind when planning your trip. As of right now, I have two anglers wanting me to pair them up with someone on October 19th...a decent tide day.Thanks and good fishing.

Seminar - September 2012 - Near Shore Reef Fishing

Tampa Near Shore Fishing for KingfishThis Thursday Evening, September 20th @ 6:30PM at Marino's Marina in Ozona... (727) 784-0143... I will be giving a seminar on Near Shore Reef Fishing. This can be some of the most entertaining fishing of the year.  As bait appears off the beaches, bonita, kingfish, spanish mackerel, shark and other predators go on a feeding frenzy...quite often within a mile of two of shore. It's a great time of year for the near shore angler to get hooked up to some real drag screaming fish.  Seminar will discuss both the tackle and techniques required to cash in on this fishing opportunity.  As always, Marino's will provide free drinks (beer included) and will offer a 10% discount on anything purchased the evening of the seminar.  I look forward to seeing you there.
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