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Split Cost Fishing Charters - October 2016

Split Cost Fishing Charters will again be offered in October.  The cost of these trips per angler is exactly half the cost of a full charter plus $25 for arranging the split.  Each side of the split can have two anglers.  Should a second angler join you, it would be an additional $50. So, for a half day trip ($450), the cost per angler would be $450/2 = $225 plus $25 = $250.

Fishing promises to be strong as October arrives.  Redfish numbers are up right now and most of our near shore species...kingfish, snapper, mackerel etc should be available.  If you have an interest in booking a split charter, simply respond to this email and I will do everything possible to get it set up.  Please include the days that you would be available to fish as well as the trip length that you are interested in.

Fishing Rods for Sale - May 2016

I have three 7.5 foot medium action Shimano Teramar spinning rods for sale.  PN - TMS-X76M.  These rods typically retail for $110 to $120 each.  I am selling these rods for $55 each.  They are slightly over a year old and in good shape. Please let me know if you have an interest in these rods.

January 2016 Split Charters

If you are interested in splitting a charter with another person or two in the next month, just let me know the dates that you are available as well as how many hours you would like to fish and I'll do what I can to get you paired up.  Right now, we are primarily targeting large seatrout.  Fishing was exceptional late last week but will slow during the passing of the current cold front.  Fishing should pick up by the middle of this week. Again, the cost for split charters is half the normal charter rate, plus $25.  If you bring a second person with you on your side of the split, the second person is $50 additional.

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