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The Whitebait is Here

0404johnrussredfishOur long awaited whitebait has now arrived and can be caught consistently on most mornings.  During the early spring, big trout go crazy at the first sight of this bait and will show a distinct preference for this over their wintertime favorite "select" shrimp.  Interestingly, local redfish have  been a little slower to convert...still eagerly eating larger shrimp.  With a little coaxing however, redfish can be motivated to start eating these small baitfish.  Scoop up a couple of net fulls of frisky baits and scatter them across the area where you believe redfish to be roaming.  Look for swirls or boils indicating that they have started to feed.  Whether you see this activity or not, take a whitebait, clip its tail off, and put it on a hook with a small split shot.  Toss it into the midst of the area you just chummed and wait.  Any redfish who has stepped up to the buffet table will eventually come across you offering and gobble it up...and the fight will be on.

Seventy Degrees is a Magic Number

0319lauraredfish1Daytime temperatures flickered above 70 degrees on a couple of days over the last week and fish responded.  Although seatrout have been biting consistently since temperatures reached the mid sixties a few weeks ago, redfishing has been better on the warmer days.  When the wind turned out of the south and temperatures jumped up, the reds seemed to take notice. Four of five trips this last week yeilded redfish and, in most cases, fish were on the larger end of the slot size.  In some locations, fish seemed to be zeroed in on shrimp, while in others, a small to medium sized pinfish was the bait of choice.  Also, when fish were located, they seemed to take some warm up time before they would bite.  Summer time redfish often bite on the first cast into an area before your bait has even reached the bottom.  These "cooler" fish wouldn't eat for fifteen to twenty minutes is some cases.  Once they started, a few fish would be caught and then the bite would cease..even when it was clear that there were still fish in the area. With air  temperatures in the seventies promised for all of the coming week and good tides revving back up by this coming weekend, it's a safe bet that the spring feed will be "on".  

Trout Going Crazy - Spring May Be Here

0305gefellgrouptroutThis last week, the big seatrout bite has gone crazy, with limits of fish being caught on almost every trip.  Shrimp under a bobber is still the technique of choice but once these fish start biting, they can be caught on jigs, plugs and pinfish as well.  Moving water is the key to getting these fish to eat so watch your tides.  You may be fishing in an area and catching absolutely nothing...but once the tide starts to move, the fish go off and eat everything in sight for an hour and a half.  Just as quickly, this bite will subside.  This action should continue for the next 30 to 45 days.  With water temperatures starting to stabilize near sixty degrees, the redfish seem to be coming out of their February "funk" as well.  More fish are being seen and they are starting to eat better as well.  With day time temps holding in the mid to high sixties, coupled with good tides this coming week, fishing action should be strong. Don't miss it. 

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