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Gift Certificates for Christmas

Looking for a great Christmas Gift for the fisherman in the family? How about a Gone Fishing Charters Gift Certificate. These certificates are good for one year so the recipient can redeem them both when it's convenient for them as well as when the fish they want to catch are biting,..maybe big kingfish in the fall, acrobatic summer snook or tasty winter seatrout. And it's easy. Simply call 727 421-5291 and order by phone.  Your gift will arrive a few days later. Enjoy the holiday season.

Split Cost Fishing Charters- November

If you have an interest in splitting a fishing charter with another angler or two, simply respond to this email.  Normal costs for 4, 6 and 8 hour trips are $450, $550, and $650. Split charters work as follows.  There can be up to 2 anglers on each side of the split.  Cost is half of the normal cost plus $25 for arranging the split.  If you would like to bring an additional angler with you, the charge is an additional $50.  So, for example, for a 6 hour split charter, the cost would be $550 / 2 = $275 plus $25 for the split, or a total of $300.  If an additional angler joins you, the cost would be $350. If you would like me to arrange a split charter for you, simply indicate the dates that you are available, as well as the number of hours that you would like to fish. Thanks.

Rods for Sale

I have two rod and reel combos for sale.  The reels are Shimano Spheros 6000's spooled with 20 lbs braided line.  The rods are medium/ heavy Daiwa Coastal 7 foot rods.  I use these rigs for snook, when I'm throwing big baits such as grunts, but also use them outside for kingfish, barracuda or anything a little larger that swims up on us.  These outfits are probably 3 - 4 years old but are in good working order and have line that was put on this year.  Price is $100 each. Let me know if you have an interest by responding to this email.  Thanks

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