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September 2014 Split Cost Charters

If you have an interest in splitting a charter with another angler in the next month or so, go ahead and shoot me an email regarding length of trip and the dates that you are available to go.  The cost for these spit charters is half of the regular rate plus $25 for putting the split together.  If you would like to bring someone with you, the additional angler charge is $50.  So, for example, if you would like to split a 4 hour trip and bring a friend, the cost would be as follows: $425 / 2 = $212.50 plus $25 for arranging the split plus $50 for the additional angler of a total of $287.50.  The base rate for a split charter is the same but the additional angler charge, on split and regular charters has gone up from $25 to $50.  If you would like me to set something up for you, please let me know.

February 2014 Split Charter

Late Winter redfih on Tampa Fishing CharterFor anyone interested in splitting a charter in the coming month, let me know the dates you are interested in as well as the length of trip you would like to fish. As is always the case, the cost of these split charters is half the cost of a regular charter plus $25 for arranging the split.  Trout remain the most popular game in town with a few more redfish starting to show up.  Although there don't appear to be any large groups of redfish around yet, singles and small groups of fish can be found laid up along certain shoreline locations. For anyone looking to split a trip in March, I do have a gentleman wanting to fish March 15th.  There is a decent tide that day...not huge but decent. With a warm spring, kingfish and spanish mackerel could be possible targets in addition to reds and trout.

Split Cost Fishing Charters - January 2014

Tampa Fishing for Seatrout with artificialsIf anyone is interested in splitting a charter with another angler in the month of January, please go ahead and respond to this email so that I'll have time to get it set up for you.  Please remember to include the dates that you are available to fish as well as the trip length that you are interested in.  Right now, large seatrout are the primary target.  In the last 7 trips, limits (or more) have been caught on 6 of them so fishing is good. The strongest tide days in January are the 1st thru the 5th, the 13th through the 20th and the 27th thru the 31st. Happy New Year.
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