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Fishing Tackle for Sale

Jumbo Kingfish on Tampa Fishing CharterI have 5 inshore rod and reel combos for sale.  All have been used for 12 months are in good working condition.  Retail price on the Penn Battle 4000 Reel / Daiwa Saltiga 7.5 foot Inshore rod is approximately $230.  I will be selling these combos for $100 each.  I also have 2 additional Penn Battle Reels that were recently serviced and loaded with 10 lbs braided line.  As I had these reels serviced, I am selling each of these for $60.  Let me know if you have any interest in this equipment.  You have 30 days to return it if you are not satisfied. Thanks

Christmas 2013 Gift Certificates

Big Tampa RedfishBigSummer Snook on Tampa Fishing Charter






Gone Fishing Charters has gift certificates for sale in the event that you would like to give the "gift of fishing" at Christmas. Credit cards are accepted so these certificates may be ordered by phone.  The certificate, brochure and business card will arrive in a Gone Fishing Charters Envelope just a few days later. As these are good for one year, the recipient can call to schedule his or her trip at any point over the following year. If you have an interest, simply respond to this email or call Captain Stewart Ames at (727) 421-5291.  For those of you who have fished with me, thank you for your business.  Have a enjoyable and relaxing holiday season.

December 2013 Split Cost Charters

Fishing for Big winter Trout in TampaIf you are interested in splitting a fishing trip with another angler during the month of December, let me know.  Cost for 4, 6 and 8 hour split trips are $237.50, $287.50 and $337.50 respectively for one angler.  If you would like to bring another angler with you, it's an additional $25.  Please let me know what days you are available to fish and what trip length you are interested in.  The two best tide weeks in December start on the 1st and 15th and I do have days available during both of these weeks.  Right now, there is a gentleman interested in fishing during the first week in December on the 2nd, 4th or 6th. If you would like to join him or split a trip later in the month, please respond as soon as you can so I'll have time to get you set up. Thanks
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