Tampa Fishing Charter for Big SnookSnook fishing has only improved in the last few weeks and the hardest fish to catch appear to be the small ones.  With the exception of one or two trips, the majority of the fish caught have been in the 30 inch class or better.    Some of the battles have been nothing short of spectacular.  The 16 lbs fish pictured was "sight fished" in three feet of water.  A whitebait was thrown five feet in front of this fish as it swam down the beach with a fish of equal size.  It ate the bait and immediately charged the boat, took a hard left a few feet off the bow, and then burned off another 30 yards of line before jumping.  After several more shorter runs and jumps, the fish was landed, photographed and released unharmed.  Snook season is currently closed and fish cannot be harvested but after a fight like this beautiful specimen put on, it was a pleasure to let it go.
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