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The Wait was Worth It - The Snook Are Here

0617stewbigsnookIn a normal year, the first snook of spring are trypically caught in late March or early April.  As May came and went, there were few snook to be found.  Miraculously however, when June rolled in, so did the snook.  It is apparent that there are fewer fish this year, but the number of fish currently available makes catching one a distinct possibility on any trip.  Large whitebaits, fished on moving tides, seem to be the best approach.  Once you have located fish, be patient, as they may watch your presentation go by fifteen times and then decide it's time to bite. Snook have very defined feeding periods and typically don't bite for much of the day, but when they do the action can be fast and furious.  The fish pictured was one of eight fish hooked in the span of about a half hour.

It's Starting to feel Like Summer

0419billvredfish1The seatrout bite remains active with some of the largest fish of the season now showing up.  Many fish exceeding 22 inches have been caught in the last week with several specimens approaching 25 inches.  Live pilchards, both large and small, will put these big trout into a frenzy on a good incoming tide.  Redfish action has been moderately good.  Larger schools are being seen but cathcing 3 to 5 quality fish has been more the norm.  Temperatures this last weekend reached well into the eighties so hopefully this will be the final trigger that we need to kick our spring fishing into high gear....and yes, a snook was caught last week...the first of the season.   
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