I have 10 fishing rod and reel combos for sale this year.  Seven (7) of these are 7.5 foot Shimano Teramar Spinning Rods (PN - TMS-X76M - Retail Price $129.95) paired with Penn Conflict 4000 reels (Retail Price $129.95).  As always, I will be selling these approximately 1 year old rods and reels for half off retail or $130 per combo. These rods are the standard rods that I use to fish inshore for snook, redfish and seatrout...among other things. These are spooled with 10 lbs test Fireline.

I also have 3 other rod / reel combos available.  These are Star 7 foot Spinning Rods (PN SK1020FT70G - Retail Price $149.95) paired with Penn CFT 5000 reels (Retail Price $149.95). These will be available for $150 per combo.  I use these rods when "grunt fishing" for snook in the summer and for kingfish in the fall.  These are spooled with 20 lbs test Fireline.

As always, it's first come, first served.

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