Tampa Fishing Charters for BIG seatroutI have three Daiwa Model CL-CC701 HFS rods available for sale.  I use these rods for kingfish, cobia or when fishing for larger snook.  They are 7 feet long, heavy action and are good for throwing larger live baits.  Rods are a little over a year old and in good condition.  I typically use 20 lbs test and a 6000 series reel with these.  I'll sell them for $40 each, or, if you take all 3, $100.

Also, if any  of you are interested in splitting the cost of a fishing charter with someone in September, let me know.  The cost for a split charter is half the cost of a normal charter plus $25, so a 4, 6 and 8 hour split charter would cost $237, $287 and $337 respectively. If you would like to bring another person with you, add $25. If you are interested in having me set up a split cost charter for you, please supply me with the possible dates that you could go and how many hours you would like to fish.  Thank you.


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