Monster Winter Tampa TroutIf you're looking for a quick and easy Christmas gift for the fisherman in your family, Gone Fishing Charters Gift Certificates are available.   These certificates may be ordered over the phone using a credit card and will be mailed the next business day.  These certificates are good for one year from date of purchase so the recipient of the certificate can call to set up a fishing trip when it is convenient for them. Certificates will be mailed with a business card and brochure so all necessary information is available.  To order, call 727 421-5291.


In the interest of minimizing emails to you all, I have included this month's split charter email in this same communication.  If you have an interest in splitting a charter with another angler in the next month, simply respond to this email indicating the dates that you are available as well as the length of trip that you would like to fish.  The cost of the trip is half of the normal charter cost plus $25 for pairing you up with another angler.

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