I will be hosting an event for Ladies Let's Go fishing on May 20th and 21st.  The event begins at Marine Max in Clearwater on Route 19 at 4PM on Saturday afternoon.  There will be a discussion on our local fishing as well as some skills sessions... knot tying, cast net throwing, casting are some of the skills).  The next morning, all attendees will depart on a 5 hour fishing trip from Ozona Fish Camp (formerly Marino's Marina). The cost to participate in this event is $49 registration Fee (which is currently being discounted to $29 ...use Discount Code SAVE20 when registering). The cost to fish is $165 per angler.  Snook and redfish will be the primary species targeted although numerous others species could be caught. If you are interested in signing up, simply click HERE or go to the LadiesLetsgofishing.com website and click on the Clearwater Event. There will be 3 to 4 anglers per boat. Men are welcome to register. Registration deadline is May 17th, 2017. Thank you.

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