Tampa Fishing for Near Shore GrouperLet me start by apologizing for sending an extra email this month.  I know that many of you are constantly inundated by email so I try to send them only when they are of value to my customer base. The reason for this email is to identify individuals who would like to be contacted every time that I have another customer interested in sharing a charter. I had an email distribution list created for this purpose and, somehow, it has disappeared.  Beyond that, it probably needed to be updated anyway.  I will still send a split charter email occasionally to remind people of the availability of split charters but, if you would like to know every time that they are available , please respond to this email and I will make sure to get you on this special "Split Charter" email distribution list.This might mean that you would get an additional email or two a month, based on the current frequency of split charter requests. Thank you.

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