0810ethan redfishAugust promises 90 degree days for both fishermen and fish as local inshore water temperatures have been holding at ninety of better for the last few weeks.  Although fishing will slow a little bit with the heat, a strong tide can be enough to keep our usually dependable redfish biting. On the last strong tide phase, redfish cooperated at the peak of the tide as well as the higher part of the outgoing tide...and the fish were BIG.  On several days, customers went home fishless as the only redfish to see the inside of the boat were 28 to 30 inches.  With weaker tides through this week, expect better fishing this weekend and into the beginning of next week.  Pinfish bobbered half a foot off the bottom or chunks of cut pinfish fished on the bottom have been most effective...logical since that's the bait they would be finding up on the flats this time of year.

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