No, this is not inshore tackle.  I recently cleaned my office and garage and have uncovered a fair amount of tackle the is both close to new and something I'm not likely to use in the near term.  Simply respond by email or call me if you have an interest in any of the tackle below. 

2 Tarpon Rods - Almost new condition - Daiwa Saltist 5000H Spinning Reel (spooled with 65 lbs braid) matched with an 8 foot Star Stellar SB2050580 Spinning Rod - Retail Value of $360.

Price $250 each


1 Grouper Rod - Sealine 6 1/2 foot SL-XB6661HR Conventional Rod with a Penn Senator 113 4/0 Reel.  Guessing retail value would be in the $150 range.

Price = $90


1 Daiwa 5 1/2 foot Elinamator EL-B561XXH Conventional Rod. Retail $40?

Price $20


1 New 7 foot Daiwa Beefstick BF B701XHB Conventional Rod. Retail $40

Price $20


1 Penn Senator 9/0 115L Conventional reel. Used for a week on one fishing trip. Retail value $179

Price $100



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