Roseate Spoonbills seen on Tampa Eco-Boat TourGone Fishing Charters also offers customized, scenic Tampa boat tours.  Trips depart from Marino's Marina is quaint Ozona, of the few small towns in the area that still has the "Old Florida" look.  Once on board, there are a variety of options.  For shell collectors, a trip to Three Rooker Bar might yield one of our locally prized shells, the sharks eye.  Prospecting on the low tides after a winter storm can be especially productive.  Exposed to the open gulf, this small island provides the opportunity to collect a wide range of local shells and is easily one of the most pristine spots in the area. For the bird watcher, a trip to the mangrove shorelines of Honeymoon or Caledesi Islands will offer the opportunity to see many of our indigenous bird species.  Likely sightings would include numerous herons and egrets, pelicans, ibis, kingfishers, anhingas, and osprey (fish hawk). On a good day, the once endangered wood stork, the only American stork, is a possibility.  Roseate Spoonbills, the only other pink bird besides the flamingo, can be found in less disturbed areas as well.  Although a sighting of these birds is not guaranteed, seeing these brilliantly colored and peculiar looking animals is a highlight.

There is also an abundance of other wildlife.  As your captain is a local fishing guide and on the water every week, he is well aware of where our local animals are throughout the year.Dolphins, Tampa Florida During the warmer months, smaller sharks are a common sighting up on our local grass flats.  Most sharks seen in these areas tend to be in the two to five foot category, but occasionally, a larger specimen comes up shallow looking for dinner.  Depending on the time of year, a variety of other fish can be sighted from the boat's tower.  Bottlenose dolphin s are an everyday occurrence and it is rare to not see these curious and intelligent animals at some point during your Tampa Boat Tour. Manatees, or sea cows, are a large and unique marine mammal.  A full grown manatee will be nine feet long and weight close to one thousand pounds.  Most closely related to the elephant, manatees are docile herbivores and are quite approachable when spotted. Sightings of these animals is occasional.  Certain areas, such as natural springs and the warm water outflows of local power plants, tend to concentrate these animals in the winter.

Tampa Florida Shelling and shell collectingIf simply seeing the area is of interest, your tour might include a trip to a local island for a quick walk and swim or a cruise down a mangrove shoreline to spot wildlife.  Caledesi State Park, home to one of the top US beaches, might also be of interest.  On a full day excursion, a grouper sandwich lunch in Clearwater Beach at the well known Frenchy's might be in order.  You decide as all trips can be customized to the individual customers needs. Whatever your choice, seeing the Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater area via a Tampa Boat Tour is an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend your day.

               Tampa Boat Tour Rates

                 Trip Length     Cost (1 - 4 people)     Cost (5 - 6 people) 

                         4 Hour             $400                           $500

                         6 Hour             $450                           $550

                         8 Hour             $500                           $600


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