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Fall Means Near Shore Reef Action


bigsnapperaAs fall approaches, water temperatures begin to cool, however Tampa fishing on the near shore reefs can be red hot. The real beauty of this fishing is that most of it is within five miles of the Major Hotels on Clearwater Beach, so lines are in the water a half hour after leaving the dock. Mangrove snapper are the targeted species at this time of year due to both their abundance and their excellent food value.  It is not uncommon to start chumming over one of these reefs and have 50 snapper rise up behind your boat ready to eat.

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Summer Snook Fishing

Tampa Summer Snook FishingEach spring, as Tampa Bay waters begin to warm, anticipation builds among inshore anglers. They know that when temperatures hit the 70 degree mark, snook will move to the beaches and the spring bite will be on. Exactly when these fish move out of the backwaters or in from near shore reefs will vary from year to year, but it's sure to happen somewhere between

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Prime Time for Big Trout

From Clearwater north to Tarpon Springs, Florida, the first cold fronts of the year drive a major transition in Tampa Fishing. Redfish that are abundant from March until early November are a little harder to find and snook head to the backwaters or out to the near shore reefs in anticipation of colder water temperatures. Large seatrout however, pour into St Joseph's Sound and create one of winter's best fishing opportunities. When the bite is on, it's possible to catch twenty or thirty fish on a half day Tampa fishing charter with most fish being in the 18 to 23 inch class.  Each winter, several fish approaching thirty inches are landed...huge specimens for this area.

Tampa Sea Trout Fishing

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