This year's new tackle arrived so last year's is now available. 

3 Star Seagis 7 Foot Spinning Rods (SK1020FT70)  equipped with Penn CFT-5000 spinning reels.  As these rods are 1 1/2 years old, they will be sold at 40% off  retail ($300), or $120 each. These rods are spooled with 20 lbs test braided line and are well suited for snook, when throwing larger baits such as grunts, and are also great for slow trolling for kings.

6 Shimano 7.5 foot Teramar Spinning Rods (TMS-X76M) equipped with Daiwa 3500 BG spinning reels. These rods are approximately 1 year old and will be sold at 50% off of retail ($250) or $125 each.These are spooled with 10 lbs braided line and are used as every day rods inshore fishing for snook, redfish and seatrout.

Also available is a Shimano Trevala TVS-66M SR spinning rod.  Retail on this rod is $129 and, as it is new, it is available for $99. It was purchased as a travel rod for throwing big plugs but it is a one piece rod and too long for transporting conveniently. It's actually designed as a jigging rod...incredibly strong for it's lightweight construction.  Very versatile.


Lastly, there is a Quantum Smoke Baitcasting Reel (SHD201SPT). This top of the line baitcaster will hold up to 50 lbs line. This reel retails for $199.95 and is new...available for $125.

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