Crazy June. No rain. Hot. Many days with west and southwest winds and ....the large snook that invade our beaches seemed to be in shorter supply than usual. That said, snook fishing activity was decent in terms of numbers. Catching a half dozen or more snook was not a problem on most trips. Without an abundance of larger fish, making sure to secure a few dozen grass grunts was not as important so many local guides decided to skip the process entirely over the last few months.  On a positive note, large whitebaits have remained fairly abundant right into the beginning of July so getting bait for targeting snook hasn't  been a problem.  As these fish complete their spawning behavior over the next few weeks, they will scatter. All of the normal spots will continue to hold fish, but typically not as many. Look for groups of quality fish to still be available out along the beaches. These bigger fish are more challenging to catch, but few things are better than seeing a large snook streak down the beach in clear, shallow water, attempting to dump the hook.

Big Clearwater Snook

Given strong tides, redfishing has been decent with most fish caught being in the slot.  Larger specimens were being landed consistently earlier in the month as one larger school of fish had been located but, over the last few weeks, these fish seem to have moved off or dispersed. As a result, successful days have required constant movement... actively fishing many spots as most locations have not been producing more than a few fish.  A recent trip did produce a half dozen quality fish on one spot but this hasn't been the norm. Almost all fishing has been done with cut bait and small to medium pinfish although redfish will rarely refuse any cut fish or crustacean presented to them. Bottom line. Successful fishing days for redfish can be had but expect to earn them.

Over slot Redfish

Tarpon numbers have dropped off, as it typical for this time of year, but opportunities will remain along the beaches through the next month. On the bright side, fish returning from their summer spawn offshore should be willing to eat. Crabs, large threading or pilchards,  and pinfish are all viable baits. Good luck and good fishing.



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