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2020 May Tampa Clearwater Fishing Report

Like so many others in the service industry, many Tampa Fishing Captains spent the month of April on the sidelines, courtesy of Covid 19. March fishing had been outstanding and, with spring break in full stride, it was a bad time of year for the plague to arrive...although, in reality, there was probably no good time based on the hardship it has caused so many.

May and June are among the most productive months of the year to target redfish and snook and this year will be no exception. The large redfish of March appear to have given way to mid to upper slot fish in early May, with most fish in the 22 to 28 inch range.  Fishing has been respectable, with most trips producing between a half dozen and a dozen redfish. Expect things to only get better as tides get stronger and waters warm further. Schools of quality fish will undoubtedly be located over the next month and some banner days are sure to be in store.

Springtime Redfish and Seatrout in Clearwater

Snook fishing, and the weather, has been hit or miss in the last week.  On May 7th, there was a cold front...a rare happening in May....which pulled 77-78 degree temperatures back down to the low seventies.  Although snook will bite in seventy degree water, they are certainly more active when the thermometer reaches eighty. On any and all recent Tampa Fishing Charters, large quantities of jumbo female snook have been sighted, but they have been less than cooperative. The belief is that it's a temperature thing and with the near term forecasts calling for daily highs to be consistently in the eighties, this issue should be resolved and the much anticipated great summer bite should get under way. There's no better time to catch a big snook on light tackle.

Beach Fishing for Snook in Tampa

Tampa / Clearwater fishing trips have also produced some extra large trout recently.  These fish are generally caught on the outside beaches, but occasionally inside when targeting redfish.  Bigger baits such as large whitebait, pinfish and grass grunts have produced the best specimens. Although these fish are often caught "by mistake" while targeting something else, they always represent a nice bonus to any fishing day.  Concentrations of trout can also be found on some beach locations as well.

With many local attractions closed, two of the best activities right now would be biking on the Pinellas Trail and walking the trails of Caledesi or Honeymoon Islands. All of these locations offer good exercise options and interesting wild life viewing, and provide a much needed break from the "great indoors". Good luck and good fishing. 

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