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  1. Let's Take It Outside video with Misty Wells: Spring break in your own backyard
    Why pack a bag and get on a plane when you can vacation in your own backyard? Misty Wells found four ways to spend time on the water all in one day at Clearwater Beach, which has been voted "best beach in America" two years in a row. She kicked off the day the easy way by
  2. Runners in firefighting gear, bare feet among sights at Skyway 10K
    ST. PETERSBURG - It takes a lot of strength to tackle a 10K race on the Sunshine Skyway bridge. It takes even more strength and willpower when you're running with an extra 50 pounds strapped onto your back.Jazlyn Zombo is a professional firefighter with Local 3254 in
  3. Let's Take it Outside video with Misty Wells: paddling your way back to a Peaceful Florida
    Florida's Peace River is a relaxing place to enjoy unspoiled scenery while paddling into the state's rich history. The Peace River is over 106 miles long and provides plenty of diverse wildlife - from alligators and turtles to over 20 species of birds and a wide variety of
  4. Return of Sunshine Skyway 10k means northbound span closes on Sunday
    If you plan on heading across the Tampa Bay from Manatee to Pinellas County on Sunday, be prepared to get there on foot.The Sunshine Skyway 10k Bridge Run is back in town for its second year this weekend, closing all northbound lanes of the Skyway
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